Published Work

The bulk of my published writing over the past couple of years has been subscriber-only articles/reports with no by-lines (for these guys, these guys and these guys among others). Because of this, you won’t be able to read any of my deathless prose on the blog from my days roaming around the Gulf and Pakistan like an economy class Ibn Batuta as a consultant/business guidebook writer.

Nevertheless, here is a bunch of articles I wrote on other matters:

Porn and the Kathmandu Lady’, Himal Southasian, December 2010

Interview with Kesang Tseten, maker of ‘Chasing the riyal’, Himal Southasian, April 2010

‘Suicide Epidemic’ Himal Southasian, March 2010

‘Free Market’s Free Fall‘  Hardnews (Southasia partner of Le Monde Diplomatique), May 2009

‘Gruesome UAE Torture Tape’ Hardnews, May 2009

‘Gurkha residency: UK in a Fix’ Hardnews, May 2009

‘Fear is ForeverHardnews, February 2009

‘The Fiction of Truth, the Truth of Fiction’ The Kathmandu Post, February 2009

‘The Foreign Lure: Nepali Migrants in 2008’ The Kathmandu Post (Special report for 16th anniversary edition), January 2009

‘A Forgotten Population’ The Kathmandu Post, December 2009

I also edit Migrant Rights, a website that aims to raise awareness of abuses of migrant labourers in the Middle East – especially construction workers and domestics in the Gulf States. I got involved with this I was sent to Bahrain on a freelance assignment to write about real estate and construction, and discovered that there was a darker story hidden behind to Gulf States’ glitzy mega-malls and man-made islands.  You can also follow us on twitter

I also freelance quite a bit for the Gulf Centre for Strategic Studies as a researcher in London.


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