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Bollywood Dance London review

Posted in Bollywood, Dance on February 9, 2011 by theajnabee

One of the best things about being back in London (apart from all that lovely 24hr electricity, and friends/family) has been picking up dance lessons again. I’ve been taking Bollywood dance lessons with Bollywood Dance London for the past couple of weeks, which I’ve absolutely loved. Jassie, our fabulous teacher, has been teaching routines that draw on bhangra, commercial bollywood and the odd move taken from Indian classical dance. We even learned some choreography to last year’s super-hit item song Munni Badnaam Hui – a censored version, but it did include the famous ‘zandu balm’ move!

Main zandu balm hui....

There is such a wide variety of dance lessons on offer in London that the choice is somewhat overwhelming but the BDL course is definitely one I’d recommend. The classes are sufficiently laid back that newcomers can feel comfortable, but at the same time Jassie is just strict enough to make sure that you do learn and improve. It’s a good balance. She also films the dance routines each week, puts them on youtube (a private link, and one which will *not* be appearing here!) and sends them out to her students to help with memorising the routines. Seeing yourself dance on camera is not for the faintheared (‘oh my actual.. do I really have muscle control of a newborn giraffe?’ was my first reaction.) but it is a really good way to learn.

Ultimately, the criterea that separates a good/o.k dance lesson from a fabulous dance lesson for me is whether or not I come out of it feeling energised and on a high, and on this basis BDL is definitely a winner.

The next courses are starting the week beginning Feb 21st, and apparently the ‘pure Bollywood’ classes will be featuring a lot more early 1990’s-inspired routines. Think Madhuri Dixit circa ‘Yaraana’ to be more specific!