For my Friends in Nepal

Loving the rituals that keep men close,
Nature created means for friends apart:

Pen, paper, ink, the alphabet,
signs for the distant and disconsolate heart.

(Paladas, translated by Tony Harrison)

I saw this poem on the London Underground the other day and it made me think of my friends back in Nepal. We have these extracts from poems on the walls of underground trains to keep us entertained when we are crammed like sardines during morning and evening commutes (you can see more here, on the Poems on the Underground website). The reason that this one made me think of Nepal is that I’ve been a bit crap at keeping in touch over the past month or two. So this post is my way of saying sorry (to two girlfriends in particular… you know who you are!) To Palladas’ list of  pen, paper, ink and the alphabet I would add blogs, skype and email…. so really I have no excuse.

I just wish that South London was a bit nearer to Nepal so that we could all meet up for some beers and sekuwa!


5 Responses to “For my Friends in Nepal”

  1. awww…

    i know i am not one of the two girlfriends mentioned here. *sniff!*

  2. This song makes me think of all of you

    Here is a song for that i dedicate to y’all in KTM… This is really a tune to get your Shaneeqa on to (Y.K?). Hell yeah!

    It is also suitable for boys (Prawin)

  3. Happy New Year 2068, Furber!

  4. awesomeness! i haven’t pulled a shaneequa on anyone recently!!

  5. I also wish that London was far closer to Nepal. I am from Bournemouth in the UK but my wife is Nepalese. We live in Kathmandu.

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