Tara Air Crash

Here follows a rather macabre post:

The wreckage of a Tara Airlines plane was found on Thursday morning in the remote Eastern Hills. All 22 people on board had been killed.

The plane was flying from Khotang to Kathmandu when it disappeared off the radar. Most of those on board were pilgrims returning from Halasi, a Hindu holy site. (See news story here)

I actually flew this route myself with Tara Air about three weeks ago for a field trip.

This incident is a sobering reminder of how dangerous air travel can be in Nepal – this is the second air accident on a domestic flight this year (in August an Agni Air plane returning from Lukla crashed near KTM, killing 14).

We all have to take calculated risks in life, and I’ve chosen a profession where risk is something that I have to think about a fair bit. Nevertheless this case did upset me, because it was impossible not to wonder if this couldn’t have been prevented with better (and newer) equipment and more stringent safety precautions. Also, Khotang is so woefully under-developed that the district has no motorable roads, which means that travelers and locals must either walk for days to get in or out, or fly to Kathmandu if they can afford it. If basic infrastructure were developed, then there would be less need to fly planes in such volatile conditions.

My thoughts and prayers are with all those who lost loved ones.


2 Responses to “Tara Air Crash”

  1. americanepali Says:

    I felt that way after the Agni crash. We flew Agni to Lukla in the summer of 2009, and at the time I felt “safer” because I knew the previous Lukla crash was a Yeti Airlines plane. Reading about the crash bothered me even more because I knew the exact flight path, what the plane looked like, what the airline hostess and pilot uniforms looked like, I could really imagine everything. Plus the Nepal News photos of the crash were pretty graphic. I remember one photo of the Nepal army loading blue plastic garbage (looking) bags on a helicopter with victim body parts. I just imagined the bodies must have exploded on impact, which was totally disturbing.

  2. i feel so sad for all of the bhutanese in air ……its so shock for all of us……

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