Last night in the Tarai

Tonight is my last night in the Tarai. Tomorrow morning I’m off to Kathmandu, and on to other things. I’m not going to try to sum up one and a half years in one blog post as there is far too much to say. There is also a lot to pack up.

It’s been a long haul, I’ve laughed, cried, been struck down with a staph infection (one of my worst travel experiences so far), adapted to small-town life (not always easy for a Londoner), dealt with persistent wrong-number-wallah callers, become addicted to Tarai chai (they just don’t make it the same in the hills, I’m telling you), spent countless evenings watching Bollywood movies on my laptop and learned all manner of things about the Madhes and the people who live here.

'Who's that random gori? And what is she writing in her notebook?'

I think there are some places you connect with/have a feeling for more than others and I have to say that the Tarai is one of those places for me. This strip of territory has to be one of the most fascinating cultural and political faultlines in the region and I’ve been lucky to have had the chance to experience living here.

I’m sad to leave my home in this town somewhere South of Mount Everest and somewhere North of Patna, but excited to see what happens next.

I will leave you with the song ‘Dhadak Dhadak’ from Bunty aur Babli. This sequence is at the beginning of the movie when the hero and heroine are running away from their small-town homes and going off to the big city in search of adventure.




6 Responses to “Last night in the Tarai”

  1. Have a wonderful next phase .. just knew about your blog yesterday and saved it for further reading .. have a nice journey !

  2. All the best with whatever lies ahead.
    Ive always been fascinated with Terai too, cant wait to check it out next year!! Im a hill-boy and our Tea’s hmm not bad. lol

  3. i wish there was more encouragement to enjoy and appreciate the tarari … what is being visit nepal 2011, it’s even worse! =/

  4. *what with it being, rather ; )

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