Namaste, Perverts!

The other day I had a look at the blog stats for The Ajnabee as I was curious about how people were finding there way here. The results were interesting, and also slightly disturbing.

The top searches have consistently been for things pertaining to ‘gap yaah’, how to wear Southasian clothes, gori/white/caucasian women in Bollywood (the most popular topic of all, it seems), and Nepali/Hindi movies.

There have also been quite a lot for Kanchan Kalan. After the hoards of backpackers descend on this undiscovered gem of a place in Nepal tourism year 2011 to drink tea, eat Marie Gold biscuits and pose for photos next to the column marking the lowest point in Nepal, remember that you read about it here first.

Then there is the weird stuff. Here are a few recent examples:

Bhojpuri bikini scene

Bhojpuri call girls

Without dress Chinese girls

White girl in bar (got to love how that one ended up here…)

And the weirdest one so far:

Nepali girls standing on bathroom throwing urine

I don’t even want to think about what that person was looking for.

So, strangers – for those of you who found what you were looking for here, I am glad to have been of service. And to those of you who did not… well, I’m sure you can find plenty of places on the interweb to indulge your fevered imaginations.


6 Responses to “Namaste, Perverts!”

  1. namaste ajnabee,
    hahaha, it’s about the same in my blog … although, most people in deed are in search for ‘mrs khatri’, then there are those trekking geeks, people in search for info about the heli crash in the Ama Dablam area a few weeks ago and so on. I found your blog via another blog, don’t remember which one it was, anyway I was (and still am) in search for people in similar situations like me … having a relation with a man from Nepal in a very-long-distance-relationship, don’t know if you are, though.
    Anyway, saludos from Germany,
    Mrs Khatri

    • Hello Mrs Khatri! thanks for stopping by ๐Ÿ™‚ funny that you have the same scenario with the search engine terms..our adoptive country really does attract some strange folks

  2. LOL my funniest one was
    i need to make a post like this!

  3. Tintin in England Says:

    Yeah, sorry that that Ajnabee, they were all me…

    Always had a thing about white girls in bars, and if you throw in a bit of urine it’s my perfect date ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hey, when are you back in London? Let’s meet for a drink in a bar?

  4. i found this blog through my tag surfer lol…i searched tags of fashion and bollywood…lol

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