Tihar/Dipawali Movie Silliness: Action Replayy

Dipawali (festival of lights) that time of year when big-budget, crowd-pleasing Bollywood movies release in this part of the world. At the weekend a friend of mine and I decided that we were in need of a dose of silliness, so we went to check out Action Replayy, starring Aishwarya Rai and Akshay Kumar. If you are thinking of going to see this, DO NOT GO. I do not usually write in block capitals on this blog because in netspeak that’s akin to yelling, but right now that is just what I am doing. This is seriously one of the worst Bollywood films I have ever seen, and that is quite a claim.

Action Replayy is billed as a ‘science fiction romantic comedy’, about a young man who goes back to the 1970’s in a time machine to put right his parents’ unhappy marriage. In actual fact, the movie is more like The Taming of the Shrew-meets-‘The Game’-meets-‘Back to the Future’. Son travels back in time to teach his Dad not to take any crap from his gold-digging, obnoxious future wife, thus laying the ground for a long and happy marriage.  Akshay Kumar’s character is transformed from chump to player over the course of the movie, and learns to employ tactics such as ignoring Aishwarya Rai when she bakes him a cake (that’ll teach ‘er) and throwing around cheesy lines such as ‘AWAAZ……. neeche!’ to show who is boss.

By the interval my friend and I were just about ready to walk out, but decided to stick it out to see if it would get any better. After some refreshments of an alcoholic nature we were ready for round two. And it did not get any better.

The strangest thing was that the audience in the cinema hall all seemed to be laughing there arses off at this sexist tripe. The very same moments that had my friend and I reaching for our concealed bottle of merlot had the audience practically rolling in the aisles with hilarity. ‘Am I in some kind of parallel universe?’ my (Nepali) friend remarked in horror ‘Do people really find this kind of thing acceptable?’

This will be a subject of more inquiry here, so watch this space for more thoughts.


One Response to “Tihar/Dipawali Movie Silliness: Action Replayy”

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