Bollywood Dance for Goras

Readers might be amused to know that while I was in Kathmandu I started taking Bollywood dance classes at the British Embassy. We were learning the dance to ‘Salaam-e-Ishq’. The choreography is pretty cool and is a modified version of what you can see in the videoclip below.

This forms part 2 of my dance-related adventures in Nepal. Part one was learning Nepali folk dance earlier this year, which was a lot of fun but made my calves hurt like hell. The morning after my first class I felt like I had walked down a mountain. Not sure what will be next – maybe some brash Bhojpuri-style dance now I’m in the Tarai again?

I’ve never actually seen a Bhojpuri movie because a) I don’t speak Bhojpuri and b) I fall outside the demographic that such films are aimed at (sexually frustrated, under-employed youths with motorbikes) but I’ve seen clips from movies on bus journeys and in hotels and I have to say that the dancing is quite a treat.


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