Kohi…Mero: The DIY Movie Premiere

I went to see Alok Nembang’s latest movie Kohi… Mero with a big rowdy group of friends at Jai Nepal Cinema last night.

The actual premiere took place at 8am on Friday morning (I know, who on earth has a premiere at such an hour?) but since my screenwriter friend Prawin didn’t want us to miss out on the fun, he organised a ‘DIY premiere’ the next day. All you need for a DIY premiere is a group of friends, a block booking of seats, and a favourite Newari restaurant/drinking hole to repair to afterwards.

Kohi… Mero (Someone is Mine) is a lovestory between a boy and a girl, which becomes a love triangle, which then becomes a love rectangle. Confused? I certainly was.

This is the official blurb for the plot:

Kohi Mero is the fun, flirtatious, youthful story of four friends who embark on a journey to discover the meaning of love and friendship. Each of us desire love, and each of us desire a specific kind of love and a specific way of illuminating our lives through it. Abhi, Ashna, Prayash and Dibya are similarly in search of a special kind of love. Ashna and Prayash, twofriends who have known each other forever, are separated by circumstance from Abhi, their mischievous but poetic friend who chooses ambition over friendship. Years later, at a fateful time in their lives, he realizes that he has to choose again, between keeping his friendship and going after the love of his life.

Similarly, Ashna faces the choice between being true to herself and doing right by her family and society. Love demands sacrifice, they all learn: the bigger the sacrifice, the sweeter the reward, sometimes as freedom, and sometimes as the knowledge that the person you love has gained everything you’d wish for them.

“Kohi Mero” is a story about the search for that special person and the special sacrifice it takes for us to show our love for each other.

I managed to understand some of the movie with my rudimentary Nepali but needless to say missed out on all of the finer points of the script.

The film contained all of the ingredients for a Kollywood hit: a road trip to Pokhara/Jomsom, Jharana Bajracharya, big landscapes, warm and endearing characters, a sprinkling of dishum-dishum and lashings of romantic confusion.

My mate wrote this!

We cheered in the opening credits, we laughed at the fart jokes, we cat-called at the steamy dance sequences (there was a bikini scene – shock! horror!) and collectively winced at Aryan Sigdel’s dance moves.

Sigdel really needs to take some dance lessons or work with a more sympathetic choreographer unless he wants to continue to look like someone’s middle aged uncle busting moves at a wedding after too much whisky. See 1:51 in the videoclip below for an example.

Kohi… Mero
had a really great soundtrack. Sadly I can’t find the clip of Jharana and Aryan’s risque lurrrve song on youtube right now. That was really something, ehem, special.

Production values do seem to be getting better in Nepali movies, but there are still a few places where the movie really fell down. One of these was the costumes; there were some real sartorial no-nos in the movie such as large, billowing buttercup yellow skirts and badly-cut mini dresses that did no favours for the leading ladies.

There are some really beautifully done dance sequences in this film. This is really an area in which Nepali movies can shine given the country’s gorgeous landscapes- why zone out to Switzerland for a fantasy sequence/song when you’ve Jomson or Lake Fewa right here?

Production flaws aside, after having watched Kohi… Mero I have a sense that Nepali cinema is going in the right direction. I came to be entertained, and entertained I certainly was.


3 Responses to “Kohi…Mero: The DIY Movie Premiere”

  1. Love your review! I too have heard many got confused towards the interval etc but ah well, Im sure the writer and director had their reasons. I cant wait to see it. O no, the costumes? I thought it was all good and OOO Aryan and JB lurrrvee song sounds ‘interesting’ . HOT!

    • Yeah the plot is a bit confusing but at least it feels original and fresh. I guess i’d rather be confused than bored. The songs are awesome. Got to love Aryan really despite some of his dodgy moves. Truckloads of character

  2. you forgot to mention SOCIAL MESSAGES. they were a little too subtle for me to take note of. but, i had a (welcomed) running commentary from b dhungana and she made sure i noticed the: don’t-throw-empty-beer-cans off of a beautiful scenic hill as this and the drink-lots-of-water-since-you’re-drunk-yourself-silly-tonight and there was another one, but i forgot.

    and, your phrasing it has “love rectangle”? hyuck hyuck ; )

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