Compare and Contrast: When White People Adopt ‘Asian’ Mannerisms

I have two video clips for you today, readers, both of which involve white women adopting ‘Asian’ mannerisms. One is a skit from Goodness Gracious Me, the other is a product of a rather disturbing Japanese internet craze. I will explain:

Firstly here is the skit about the ‘white wife’ from Goodness Gracious Me. I’ve blogged about this before but this is just so damn hilarious that it merits a second appearance on The Ajnabee. A desi guy marries a white woman who then pretends to be a more-Asian-than-Asian Punjabi housewife in an attempt to fit in. (If I ever, EVER become this person, I will give out my address and you can come over and beat me with long sticks).

The second clip is of a 14 year old girl from the Isle of Man who styles herself as ‘Beckii Cruel’. She has become a superstar in Japan after posting clips of herself on Youtube dressed up like an anime character, dancing to Japanese pop songs. Beckii Cruel (real name Rebecca Flint) takes on manga-like mannerisms and speech patterns, and apparently drives Japanese men wild with her combination of long limbs, oval face and large eyes. To a British person she looks like just another fresh-faced teenager, but is thought to be popular in Japan because her features resemble those of a manga character. The mixture of infantile mannerisms and precocious sexuality is more than a little disturbing.

According to this article in the Daily Mail Beckii’s parents are proud that their daughter has made it big in Japan. I’d be more worried about kind of men out there who might be watching those videos if I were them.

So here we have a white woman who fetishes Southasian culture, and a white teen who has, by way of taking on Japanese anime mannerisms, become fetishized.

And the point of this post? Well, I’m not sure really. Just that weird things happen when white people (actually: read white females) adopt the dress and mannerisms of another culture so wholeheartedly.


2 Responses to “Compare and Contrast: When White People Adopt ‘Asian’ Mannerisms”

  1. What about white men that take on Asian mannerisms? My desi wife gets the best of both worlds. I let her have a full time job and an education, plus she is allowed to cook all my meals and look after the home. Badhia hai na?

    • I can just picture you now, lounging around your house in a lunghi while the begum stands in the kitchen wearing a suit, rolling out rotis.

      You really have the best of both cultures, no?

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