The Ajnabee’s society page appearance

The Ajnabee’s pic appeared in TGIF (Himalayan Times‘ weekend supplement) this week, alongside the bright young things of Kathmandu at the First Love premiere.

look at meeee

I thought I would share this with my readers because, well, everyone’s a little bit narcissistic sometimes, hoina?


8 Responses to “The Ajnabee’s society page appearance”

  1. OMGOMG The coincidence…I saww u hijo… At Big Cinemas… That was u, ryt?

  2. omg, now u have to tell us ur next steps in vow magazine or wave πŸ˜› if u get bookworm babbled i’ll die of jealousy.

  3. Umm… ure a ‘Videshi’? Ohh-kayy, it was DEFINITELY not you then… Sorry. My bad. And now I’ve made a fool out of myself simply by commenting on blogs—again..

  4. Check you! Gorgeous!
    You in the paper, Tomm performing on TV…..what a weekend.

  5. too bad you refused to be interviewed. a weedeeooo would have been so much cooler. and, i’d have put in on youtube for you ; )

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