Overheard at the yoga centre

The following heated exchange took place at a yoga centre* in Pokhara, where Ajnabee was spending her day off.

(Part of the daily routine at this yoga centre is karma yoga, which involves guests spending time helping out with chores around the house and garden, like pulling up weeds, peeling veg etc. On this occasion Ajnabee was tasked with re-ordering the books in the library in to categories)

The Ajnabee (sorting through books): Eat Pray Love – non-fiction, Midnight’s Children – fiction…etc

Aspiring Yogini: Yogic Cleansing for All the Family – non-fiction… Shantaram – that’s definitely in the non-fiction section!

The Ajnabee: I’d put it in fiction actually. It’s not really a true story.

Aspiring Yogini: I’ve read it. It’s true. Seriously.

The Ajnabee: but even the author even admits that most of it is not a factual account.. it’s just a literary technique he uses, you know, to make it sound like a true account. Lots of writers do it… its called a roman a cl…

Aspiring Yogini:
(interrupts) Listen – I’ve read Shantaram, and I’m telling you, THAT SHIT IS REAL. Ok?

The Ajnabee: uhhh… ok then..

Aspiring Yogini: (triumphantly) There! It’s going into NON-fiction.

*The yoga centre in question is Sadhana, just outside Pokhara. I absolutely love this place. Great yoga lessons, unpretentious atmosphere, lake views and the best dal bhat in the Western Region of Nepal.


2 Responses to “Overheard at the yoga centre”

  1. americanepali Says:

    Doesn’t the book itself say it is fiction?

    • Right you are. The thing is that quite a lot of people I’ve met traveling are convinced that everything that happened in Shantaram is the gospel truth, even though the author never says it is! Bizarre…

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