Watching from Kathmandu as England got thrashed

I watched England’s embarrassing World Cup defeat on Sunday with a group of Nepalis plus two Indians in Kathmandu. All bar two of our group were supporting Germany, and a certain fickle person switched sides at half time.

English girl mourns embarrassing defeat

There was some inevitable post colonial/WWII rhetoric (‘Why are you supporting Germany? You lived in my country for a year’ I asked one of friends. ‘Because your country colonized my country for 200 years’. etc) but there was more than enough raksi and good humour to go around over in Sanepa.

Not to be outdone in terms of annoying background noise, Nepal has come up with its own answer to the vuvuzela: the Nepazela. This is a cone made of rolled-up magazine paper with a reed at one end. The Nepazela makes a satisfying honking noise that, combined with raksi-fuelled celebrating, is guaranteed to keep your neighbours awake long into the night.

das ist ein 'Nepazela'

That is if a wedding procession isn’t already keeping them awake. Yes readers, it’s marriage season once more, that joyous time of year when, every time you feel yourself drifting off to sleep, a brass band around the corner starts parping out Bollywood wedding songs. Well, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em I say.

I now need to pick another team to support in the World Cup. Any suggestions?


2 Responses to “Watching from Kathmandu as England got thrashed”

  1. i wonder who the fickle person was…

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