A Few Photos from Baglung

Here are a couple of pictures from a rainy and humid visit to Baglung (Western Nepal). Sadly there were too many clouds to see the views of Daulagiri Himal, an imposing hump-shaped mountain, but I did get to visit the Kalika temple just outside Baglung Bazaar. This is one of the most famous temples in the region and is dedicated to the goddess Kali.

Kalika Mandir

Kalika temple is particularly popular during Dashain and Chait Dashain when devotees come from miles around to sacrifices chickens and goats to the bloodthirsty goddess.

I liked this shrine – particularly the facial expressions of the cow and griffin.


Once those who wanted to had done pujas and got a red tika mark, my Nepali colleagues tested me on my Devanagari reading skills  by getting me to read various inscriptions around the temple out loud. I’ve got a bit rusty, so the practice was welcome.

The next day when we were out in a village for work and I spotted these ridiculously cute chicks. A local woman told me that they dye the chicks so that the neighbours can tell who they belong to.

Small things like this make my day out in the field. Being such a city girl, the novelty never fully wears off.


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