By Popular Demand: My Chickens

I inherited Rex and Roxy from my predecessor and good friend Antonia, who has now moved back to London. A male and a female. They 9 months old, and despite their apparent randiness there are no eggs or chicks to speak of yet.

Having livestock gives a certain sense of well-being and makes my house seem a bit more homely. The chickens don’t take much work, they just need to be kept topped up with water and chicken feed, and stuck under a doko at night time.

Action shot

However, the cockerel is exceptionally noisy, starts crowing at around 4am every morning and doesn’t stop until the sun starts to set and it is time to scoop him up and put him under his basket for the night. My security guards have been dropping hints about the chickens (‘I know a good way to make them keep quiet…. forever‘). I think that my guards are conspiring to eat the chickens, and whenever I go on field trips I wonder whether they will be there when we get back, or if they will have been turned into chicken sekuwa.

The chickens and me (wearing Antonia's clothes...)

I have promised Antonia that I will look after her chickens and keep her posted on the egg situation. Nothing to report, other than that they are still alive and well, and that I don’t use an alarm clock any more.


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