Sort it out, Kathmandu Post

Has anyone else noticed that there have been some really bizarre-sounding headlines in the Kathmandu Post recently? Full marks for creativity but a shame that some of them don’t really seem to correspond with the content of the article.

Anatomy of a Damp Squib, truly

(Last week, on the topic of impending constitutional doom)

HSEB Scholarships go to Total Dodos

(On nepotism in the education system)

Holy Smoly, is it Oli?

(Yesterday, on the question of who will be the next PM)

Then there was my all-time favourite from a couple of weeks ago: Government Colleges Dungeons of Poo. One could have inferred many things from the title of this article, which on closer inspection turned out to be about bad sanitation in colleges in Kathmandu. In a country where locking people in toilets seems to be a legitimate form of political protest I jumped to the wrong conclusion when I first saw this 🙂

All I can say to the subeditors is: maybe it’s time you had a look at George Orwell’s classic essay Politics and the English Language.


7 Responses to “Sort it out, Kathmandu Post”

  1. Jimmy should just allow you to write political commentary already.

  2. From today’s paper:

    “Fur flies over honours dole”

    “Baccy [tobacco!] firms set crosshairs on women”

    Keep it up, Kathmandu Post!

  3. today’s gem: “Milk of Nepal-Oli tie curdles”

  4. Haha, at least they’re not THAT bad… When I interned there, I pulled the shit from RSS, and had to deal with crazy stuff like “Driver’s body gets new head” on a daily basis… Sometimes it was so irritating, I actually let them go; it’d at least entertain people…

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