Poleshedding and other adventures

This week I learnt a new Nepali phrase: poleshedding. This is similar to loadshedding, when the electricity goes off because there is not enough power in the grid. Poleshedding is when the electricity goes off because an electricity pole has been blown over somewhere in a storm, usually in a remote location. The electricity in the headquarters of a hill district where I was staying this week went down for a couple of days. I asked one of the boys working in my hotel what time the lights would come back on, and he shook his head sagely and said ‘madam, this is not loadshedding. It is poleshedding. It could be several days before the pole is located. Can I get you a candle?’

This week I came accross some bizarre signs in the bathrooms of this particular DHQ saying ‘do not step on the combot’

I was a bit perplexed. I wanted to know what a combot is and why I should not step on it, but no-one could tell me. Various things have been suggested. A small, fierce robot that guards Nepali toilets? A mis-spelling of commode? Perhaps they were concerned about people assuming an incorrect posture on the toilet (e.g standing on the seat of a Western loo…but then why put this on English?).  This reminded me of some sound advice I once saw on using an Asian loo that left little to the imagination – see here.

I really do need to start writing about things other than lavatorial humour and B-list Bollywood movies or this blog is really going to go down the pan….

Right, bed time for me, before I make any more terrible puns.


2 Responses to “Poleshedding and other adventures”

  1. Nonsense. Toilet-based facts are what make this blog a good read. Who wants to know about Maoist politics, Nepali culture or Eastern philosophy when you can let your imagination run wild with ‘real quick’ combots in Americanised ‘bathrooms’? We need more of this kind of quality journalism please.

    PS – I know you can’t talk about politics, but I do hope you are okay in the present Nepali political climate (which by the way is not being reported on one little bit in Britain).

    • I maintain that there is nothing like a bit of lavatorial humour to keep spirits up in times of impending political armageddon 🙂

      Things going ok-ish over in Nepal -the key date is May 28th, when the new constitution is supposed to be promulgated. Hopefully the international media will remember Nepal next week

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