And in other news

As I mentioned earlier, I am barred from blogging about political matters at the moment. I had been racking my brains for other things that I can blog about but hit a blank. I mean what is else is there to write about in Nepal about apart from politics right now?

That was until I read yesterday’s Kathmandu Post, which had two sublimely weird articles;

Firstly there was the story about a pig that gave birth to an elephant calf in Parsa. ‘Unbelievable but true’, the report tells us. The elephant calf died after only seven hours.

Then there was a news article titled ‘Government Colleges Dungeons of Poo’. Yes, this actually was the headline. It’s actually a story about the awful state of sanitation in government colleges but one could infer all manner of things. Also, dungeons of poo kind of sounds like it should be the name of a heavy metal band.

The thing about the English language media in Kathmandu is that while there is some brilliant writing, sometimes the journalists and editors don’t quite get the register of the language right. Sometimes this just results in clunky-sounding language but every now and again something really outlandish (and rather creative) slips through the net.


2 Responses to “And in other news”

  1. “Nepal stuns world, itself” is my fav ever KTM Post headline (after CA election).

  2. sample ktm postese: i have nabbed those thieves, intensified talks and beefed up security.

    i also liked those letters telling you what is wrong with nepal’s economy/politics/culture which always end ‘Dil Kumar Parajuli, Buffalo, New York State, USA’ or ‘Kiran Pradhan, Sydney, Australia’.

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