Parent-Proof Nepal

My Mum is visiting me in Nepal at the moment. Yes, that is correct, right in the middle of an indefinite Maoist strike. After her visit was delayed by 10 days because of volcanic ash.

Here is my Mum having a tea-stop in Freak Street after we had been for a walk round Hanuman Dhoka (before the strike began). I’m not sure if this was the best place to take her. The man in the pink t-shirt sitting behind her was narrating to his hippy friends the story of how his flatmate in Dharamsala had thrashed him over the head with a violin in a drug-fueled rage after he had interrupted his early-morning violin practice. You can see the black eye if you look carefully. Mum said ‘I do hope your friends here aren’t like that’.

This is my Mum hanging out with sadhus in the Durbar Square. Had to be done.

We then decamped to Pokhara and went to Sadhana Yoga Centre, which is just outside town, for a three day Hatha yoga course. It was, for the most part, a fantastic experience and I thoroughly recommend. I feel stretched, detoxed and generally dandy. I have to say that getting up at 5:30 am and having a lota full of salt water stuck up my nose (a practice I was not familiar with, but apparently popular in this part of the world for ‘nasal cleansing’) is not what I expected to be doing on holiday but I was prepared to give the Sadhana family the benefit of the doubt that this actually is good for you. On our first morning we had a mud-bath and sat on the flat roof in the sun to ‘bake’ until the red Nepali mud turned us the colour of Essex girls in Ibiza.

Mum has been a great sport throughout and has been enthusiastic to learn about the culture, religion, food and, yes, the politics of Nepal. My adoptive country is a tough place to travel if you’re not used to how things work here (hell, even if you are used to how things work here) so much kudos to her for keeping an open mind and appreciating all the weird and wonderful things Nepal has to offer.


2 Responses to “Parent-Proof Nepal”

  1. if she can be in good spirits during a nepal banda she’ll be fine..or maybe not…has she gone through loadshedding, the pollution and traffic yet??? bring the banda back??

  2. Yeah she wasn’t too keen on the Nepali traffic and the loadshedding, but loved the mountains, Pilgrims bookstore, dal bhat, masala tea and yoga. I just took her to Tribhuvan to get her plane home 😦

    All in all, an awesome holiday, banda or no banda

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