My Local

Ringmo’s in Lazimpat is possibly Kathmandu’s worst-best-kept secret. From the outside it looks like any other regular Nepali restaurant, but if you go inside you can find all kinds of delicacies like buckwheat pancakes and a full English breakfast, all for ridiculously cheap prices. They have (in my opinion) the best momos in Kathmandu, and also serve weird things that foreigners like to eat, such as baked beans. Legend has it that someone from Peace Corps taught them this.

Ringmo’s has lots of Nepali customers but is also a favourite hangout of the INGO crowd. You can eavesdrop on conversations on topics ranging from electoral systems to uterine prolapses as you enjoy your banana pancakes and herbal tea. It’s so very Lazimpat, dahling (that’s the area where lots of the embassies and INGO offices are).

Our solicitous proprietor


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