What’s been playing in the jeep this week #3: David Bowie

This shouldn’t really be a ‘what’s been playing in the jeep this week’ post because the jeep hasn’t actually been going anywhere and there have been no long car journeys to report. However, I can share my house-and-office based listening instead, which this week has mostly been David Bowie. I just found out that I am being shifted to a different sub-station by my employer, so it is farewell to my home north of Patna and South of Mount Everest, so frens, this week in an un-British and slightly awkward moment of sentimentality I give you this week’s featured song, Changes. Lots of movement in the life of the Ajnabee recently.

David Bowie is probably my favourite singer ever, and like me, comes from South East London. I listened to him all weekend while I was cleaning my flat so that it is ready for the next occupant. It certainly made those hours sweeping gecko poo from the surfaces more bearable. My new team mates will definitely be getting a lot of Bowie in the jeep in the coming months.


4 Responses to “What’s been playing in the jeep this week #3: David Bowie”

  1. write more plz

  2. More follows as soon as I get the net fixed up in my new place…

  3. isn’t david bowie the one in the labyrinth?

  4. He is indeed the one in Labryinth!

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