What’s been playing in the jeep this week #2: Kailash Kher

He’s a short, he’s fat, and he has long greasy hair. But he also has the voice of an angel. Who else could it be but Khailash Kher, undisputed king of Sufi-flavoured pop.

This, dear readers, is the featured song of What’s been playing in the jeep this week…?

We have people from several different cultures working together on our team, and time and time again we find that KK CDs are the only music that we can all agree on, all of the time.

Incase you’re wondering what the video is all about, it’s a reference to Phoolan Devi, the infamous female dacoit-turned-politician (and inspiration of many a racy Hindi/Bhojpuri B-movie). Not a Maoist, I might point out. Quite why she is shown searching for a husband in this video is not clear-I think that the real Phoolan Devi had quite enough problems on the man-front without having to look, having been married first as a girl of 11 to a man 30 years older than herself, and then later to her sister’s husband after her surrender to the police. But hey, it’s a great song.

For the uninitiated, see here and here for more Kailash Kher awesomeness.


2 Responses to “What’s been playing in the jeep this week #2: Kailash Kher”

  1. This was awesome, especially the part where I thought she was going to discover she was a lesbian (when she saw the girl coming out of the hairdresser’s.) Oh no… she’s going to get a makeover…

  2. * not to mention having been raped countless times by countless men often becoming unconscious thereafter….yeah, i think she wasn’t looking for men for men’s sake, but to kill off just a few!

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