The Security Guards Show their Sensitive Side

I got back from a week away in the field to find that the roses that our landlord had planted in the front garden of our office had bloomed. It turned out that our security guards had been watering and pruning them with great care in our absence. It wasn’t what I expected from two tough ex-military guys, but the results are beautiful.

Being a security guard must be the most mind-numbingly boring – and right now, cold- job imaginable. Like most videshis working for INGOs, agencies and embassies my home is watched day and night by security guards, but I know very, very little about the guys who guard my front gate. The other day I discovered that the guard who does the daytime shift worked in Saudi Arabia for two years after being in the army. He worked as a petrol pump assistant, but unlike some other Biratnagar returnees (such as my tailor) he did not have a good experience as a migrant worker. The Saudis he worked for were rude and that co-workers from Pakistan and Bangladesh looked down on him because he was not a Muslim. Aparently friction and fights between Muslim and non-Muslim migrants is common over in the Gulf. Nevertheless, he managed to get by, learning Arabic and earning enough money for a very decent-sized plot of land on the outskirts of Biratnagar. I don’t know anything about night-time guy ko jindagi, but maybe when I know more Nepali I will find out.


One Response to “The Security Guards Show their Sensitive Side”

  1. have you learned anything new?

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